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 Linux Virtual
Virtual server technology is a cost effective solution that allows splitting Linux boxes into many virtually isolated servers and saves you hardware related capital investments.
Complete Root Access
Virtual servers have their own root accounts and root directories in sub-directories of the main server, which gives:
ability to install and run its own application software
ability to manage own config files
ability to configure/modify root application software
ability to delete, add, modify any file, including files in the root server
full control over all files and processes on the virtual server
Full-Featured System Administration as of a Physical Server
Like physical servers, virtual servers have:
multiple users and groups
own user and group quota
own crontab
own chkconfig settings (Red Hat Only)
Complete Independence
Virtual Servers are completely isolated from each other and and from their main physical server. Each Virtual Server has:
complete isolation of virtual server processes, even from the root server
independence from underlying hardware: virtual servers can be easily moved to another physical server
Own Network Configuration
Each Virtual Server has its own network settings including:
own private localhost network interface
virtual ethernet devices configuration
multiple IP addresses added without downtime
IPs assigned to own virtual network adapters
own hostname
own domain name
own routing tables
ability to configure own DNS servers
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